Dario Saric 23 Points Full Highlights (4/16/2018)

Okay, so the 76ers aren’t going to sweep their way to their first chip with their new core. Once a team has lost a game, that means, by definition, that sweeps aren’t happening anymore. Doesn’t seem fair, but I didn’t write the dictionary. That loser Merriam and that douchebag Webster wrote it.

And, given the way that Philly played, maybe they’ll lose even more games. In the first round. Against the Miami Heat, who, as far as I can tell, are not even good. It’s easy to say that Dwyane Wade (who is totally scrubby enough for my channel by the way) won’t do what he did tonight every game, but you never know who is going to step up for them. It could be Luke Babbitt. You just never know.

Dario Saric hasn’t really “stepped up” so far in these playoffs, more like he’s just played at his normal level for both games, which is rare among his teammates. It seemed like everyone kind of lost it as the Heat ramped up the defensive intensity, including Saric, but he at least managed to squeeze some points out of his opportunistic opportunities.

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