Jrue Holiday 33 Points/9 Assists Full Highlights (4/17/2018)

If I could do it all over again, I would have, at the beginning of the season, unilaterally excluded Jrue Holiday from my channel. He ended up averaging 19/6 on 49% shooting and is obviously falls outside the stated scope of this channel. But his inclusion in these hallowed halls of highlights was based on previous seasons’ efforts, where he was a competent, but not star-level, player. I didn’t know he would play like an All-Star this year, way more like an All-Star than that time he actually was an All-Star. I didn’t know he would take his game to another level. There are so many regrets in my life.

I’ve spent so much time making highlight videos for this dude. He always has games were he makes, like, twelve field goals and gets eight or ten assists. Nobody in the universe cares (because, as far as I can tell, there’s no such thing as a Pelicans fan), so it’s basically just a wasted exercise in the highlight video creation process.

There’s a small chance that, if the Pelicans win this series (being up 2-0 is a good start), Holiday’s profile will be elevated to the point where people actually know who he is and recognize him for his contributions. Or the NBA plebedom will get distracted by the familiar name of Rajon Rondo and his crazy assist totals and just forget about Holiday all together.

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