Mike Scott 20 Points Full Highlights (4/17/2018)

There was a part of the season, around the middle of December, where Mike “The Threegional Manager” Scott was the hottest player in the league. He wasn’t putting up insane scoring numbers, but he was ultra-efficient in limited minutes, without even the aid of free-throws. I was hyped. I compared him favorably to Jabari Parker (after tonight I think I still would).

Then he went back to normal. It was fun while it lasted, but now I haven’t done a highlight vid of him in months. Which sucks, because he was (is) fun to watch. Marginal scorers who don’t do much else aren’t usually fan-favorites, but I developed an attachment to him. Probably because my hype levels for him were not reciprocated at all by the NBA fanbase in general. Seriously. The view totals for those vids were pathetic. It must be the name. He needs a way cooler name, or maybe everyone is still hating on him because he made his brother take the fall for some high-profile drug charges.

Anyway, now he’s scored 20, which is a playoff career-high. Ignore the commentator who doesn’t qualify his statement of it being a career-high with a “playoff” in front of it. This is after he scored 14 in the first game of the series, and guess what? I’m getting hyped again. Hyped for Mike Scott. He is the scorer the Wizards need right now, and if they’re going to win any games, either he has to step up even more or Bradley Beal has to remember that he historically owns the Raptors.

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