Gerald Green 21 Points Full Highlights (4/18/2018)

The Rockets had four different players attempt at least ten three-pointers in this game. That’s the sort of obscure stat that I don’t know how to check for, other than scraping basketball-reference for every box-score in their database and giving it to my kitty Japurri Purrker for purrther analysis, but it’s gotta be a record, right? No team in history has been this obsessed with shooting threes.

Gerald Green, despite his well-earned reputation as an indiscriminate chucker of three-point shots, was actually the most effective out of those four players:

Green: 5 of 12
Ariza: 3 of 10
Gordon: 2 of 10
Harden: 1 of 10

When you add that all up, those four chuckers didn’t even shoot 25% from three, but their team still won by twenty. If they had shot 60% like the Sixers did in game one against the Heat, that would have been 25 three-point makes between them, or 45 more points on three-pointers than they actually scored. That timeline sounds like a way funner timeline. I want to live in that timeline. Hopefully this timeline features additional dunks from Green, because one is absolutely not enough.

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