Al-Farouq Aminu 21 Points Full Highlights (4/19/2018)

How unfair that one of the Blazers’ role-players actually decided to show up for this game, yet the Blazers still lost big to the Pelicans thanks to the combined efforts of Lameian Brickard C.J. McChuckbrick. Al-Farouq Aminu’s 21 point in this game is by far the most of any non-Lillard, non-McCollum Blazer in this series. The next highest was Aminu’s own 14 points in game two. That sucks, but it’s not actually that unexpected, because this year’s iteration of the Blazers is extremely reliant on the scoring of their two 20-PPG guards. If those two guards aren’t scoring at their usual rate, there’s nobody else on the team that can consistently step up.

I haven’t actually done any investigation into the current mental state of Blazers fans, but my guess is that they’re:

-Ready to blow it up
-Annoyed with Lillard’s penchant for extra-long three-point attempts
-Totally done with Moe Harkless
-Pining for more minutes for Zach Collins
-Rueing the day they gave Meyers Leonard and Evan Turner those awful contracts that prevent them from signing decent role-players
-Drinking the most pretentious craft beers you can imagine
-Going to turn on Aminu once he scores four points in game four and the Blazers get swept out of the playoffs

Real-life Blazer fans are welcome to correct any misconceptions I might have about their mental state, but I earnestly believe that my list is 100% accurate.

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