Dario Saric 21 Points Full Highlights (4/19/2018)

Dario Saric has been the leading shot-attempter for the 76ers in the last two games, and only missed out on the first one because Marco Belinelli got in a really chucky mood. I know he’s good, but is he so good that he has to be the number-one guy on offense? What’s going on here? Why aren’t his teammates stepping up more? Here’s why.

Ben Simmons – allergic to jumpers
Joel Embiid – his eye popped out midway through the second quarter and is still transmitting data from its final resting place of underneath one of the luxury front-row seats in the Heat arena
Marco Belinelli – there’s only so many off-balance jumpers that can be taken in one game
Ersan Ilyasova – too busy thinking about the new Kanye album
J.J. Redick – too busy thinking about peeing on chicks
Amir Johnson – LOL
Robert Covington – can’t make a layup
Markelle Fultz – I still don’t even know what happened to him
Everyone else – git gud u scrub

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