Marco Belinelli 21 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (4/19/2018)

Once again, Marco Belinelli made nothing but tough shots tonight. If these ever stop going in for him, he’s going to become fairly useless, but for now, he’s bailing out the 76ers on a whole bunch of possessions and swinging games in their direction.

The commentators mentioned his “championship experience”, which I feel is kind of irrelevant. Here’s the deal: anyone could’ve won a championship with them that year. I basically won a championship with them because I walked around their practice facility for an hour looking important and busy before the realized that I was just some schmuck and had security escort me out. What I did with them is equivalent to what Belinelli did with them, which was stand around and hit open standstill threes.

What he’s doing right now is way more impressive, even if it doesn’t end in a ring (who says it won’t???). He’s, sort of, a focal point of what the 76ers are doing on offense. Kinda. I don’t know if “focal point” is the right word, since all he’s doing is receiving the ball then jacking some off-balance crap that somehow goes in, but whatever. I’m impressed.

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