Marcin Gortat 16 Points Full Highlights (4/20/2018)

What happened to Marcin Gortat this year? I only did one vid of him the whole year, even though he was one of only 8 players to start all 82 games for his team. There was no shortage of minutes for him, but there was a marked decrease in buckets. John Wall being out for so long probably had something to do with it, but that doesn’t explain things fully.

He’s getting a little old, I guess. That’s one factor. Dudes who are 34 years old usually start declining if they’re not already doing so already. Another factor: he appeared to be wanting to beef with his teammates at points in the season. Is that how they do it in Poland? Because usually dudes who are polite and proper don’t beef with their teammates.

He had a dismal performance last game, missing everything he tried and not playing much as a result, but he was a lot better tonight. Like last time, he was getting spoonfed easy looks right at the rim, but this time, he finished them. The end result is a pretty unexciting highlight package, but maybe that’s what people want, in the end. A ton of easy buckets means your team is doing a lot of things right.

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