J.J. Redick 24 Points Full Highlights (4/21/2018)

I think J.J. Redick jumped higher than he ever has before on that rebound after Wade’s bricked free-throw. Watching it live, I thought for a frantic fraction of a second that he was going to put-back slam the miss. He was SOARING. He could totally have dunked that if he wanted to, even with his T-Rex arms. I don’t know what J.J. stands for, but now it stands for “Just Jumps”.

That rebound and resultant free throws capped off a solid night for Just Jumps Redick, a night where he lead the team in points while not turning the ball over every-other possession like the rest of his teammates. And the most important thing: he hit enough tough buckets to give Ben Simmons the triple-double. Playoff wins are definitely the first goal for Philly right now, but I think a close second is getting Simmons those precious trippy-dubbies.

Now seems like a good time to remind people that Redick has NEVER missed the playoffs. Not even that year he got traded to Milwaukee for their doomed playoff push. He’s just a winner. Straight up. Winner. He wins games.

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