Joe Ingles 21 Points Full Highlights (4/21/2018)

We currently live on a planet where a player with the physical profile of a flabby 40-year-old dad is top ten in the NBA in three-point makes for a season. Remember, we’re talking about the NBA here. You know, the best basketball league in the world. I fully expect a Joe Ingles-type player could be near the top of the Australian league in three-pointers, but for it to happen in the NBA where there is so much youth, talent, and athleticism is pretty crazy.

The other crazy thing is that Joe Ingles made 204 three-pointers while maintaining sick efficiency (44%). The only other player with that combination of volume and accuracy was Klay Thompson. Kyle Korver and Anthony Tolliver (???) were the only other dudes who could really compare. In fact, my main player comparison for Jinglin’ Joe just became Anthony Tolliver. As in, Ingles is Tolliver 2.0 with passing skills. That comparison should not be taken as an insult because everybody knows that I hold Tolliver in the highest of esteem.

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