Jusuf Nurkic 18 Points Full Highlights (4/21/2018)

The season ends for Jusuf Nurkic and the Portland Trailblazers. A lot of stuff happened for them, but how much of it will be remembered even a year from now? Here’s my personal list, which is obviously skewed in favor of worse players and against “stars” (shade at Damian Lillard continues to be thrown).

-Pat Connaughton dropping 24 as the Blazers win by almost 50. This might be the only real item on the list.
-Lillard scoring 50 in 29 minutes. Actually, I’m having trouble recalling it already, so forget about this one.
-McCollum scoring 50 in 29 minutes. This one was way better and happened first.
-Festus Ezeli starting to make an inspirational speech to his teammates after a tough loss and McCollum telling him to shut up. Oh wait, that was last year. Or two years ago? What happened to Ezeli anyway?
-Jake Layman really really sucked the whole season. That was fun.
-But he played a part in that huge almost-comeback against the Rockets. I’d definitely remember that if they pulled it off, but as it stands, what was I talking about again?
-They signed Georgios Papagiannis.
-Didn’t Nurkic have a 20-20 game against Nikola Jokic? The stories write themselves, people.

That’s basically a perfect summary of Portland’s 2017-18 season, maybe missing a few details. And now it’s over. Good night.

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