Domantas Sabonis 19 Points Full Highlights (4/22/2018)

Domantas Sabonis pretty much gave Jabroni Lames and the rest of the Cavaliers his Saboner in this game, going 9-of-11 from the field, but the rest of his teammates failed to offer similar contributions. For example, Bogdanovic’s Bogdanoboner was nowhere to be found (he went 4-of-13), and Oladipo’s Oladiboner did not intimidate the Cavaliers at all (he went 5-of-20). When it comes down to it, Sabonis’ teammates WASTED Sabonis’ contributions. He might as well have not played at all if his teammates aren’t going to step in with a similar level of play.

The question remains: did Sabonis intend to bank in the jumpshot that gave him his eighteenth and nineteenth points? I reviewed the game tape at 0.2x speed and you can very clearly see Sabonis shake his head in embarrassment, leading me to believe that he did not intend to use glass for that shot. Also, nobody banks in shots from that area of the court. If going glass actually worked from that spot, you would see players doing it on the free throws.

Since I am a firm believer that unintended bank shots should not count, Sabonis’ revised total for the game is seventeen points.

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