Jaylen Brown Career High 34 Points Full Highlights (4/22/2018)

Win or lose, the Celtics have learned something valuable in this series with the Bucks: Jaylen Brown is a premium grade-A certified without-a-doubt one-hundred percent confirmed beast. Serious playoff success may not be in the cards, even if they win the series (which wouldn’t surprise because the Bucks are hot gutter trash), but just imagine next year! A fully beasted-out Brown combined with Kyrie Irving and a fully-healed Gordon Hayward? Not to mention all the other talent they have? LeBron’s streak of making the finals would surely be ended if not for the fact that the Pacers ended it this year (TBD). The truth cannot be ignored that Brown is SHOWING OUT right now, and we are all witnesses.

It’s only small consolation, I’m sure, given the high expectations coming into the season. There are probably lots of angry Boston fans right now saying “don’t even TRY to make me feel better by reminding me how good Jaylen is”. And I understand where they’re coming from. But it’s true. 34 points don’t lie.

The Celtics almost came all the way back to steal this one from Milwaukee, but were stymied at the last by a combination of Giannis and the refs. All of those sweet points by Brown, 34 of them neatly packaged here for your viewing pleasure, for nothing. If he had gotten a normal amount of foul calls, he might have gotten 40, and for sure that is something he can work on during the offseason. I don’t know exactly how you train yourself to draw fouls better, but I’m sure he can figure out something. Take lessons with Corey Maggette would be my suggestion.

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