Khris Middleton 23 Points Full Highlights (4/22/2018)

Believe it or not, there are Bucks fans out there who don’t even like Khris Middleton. I know, right? It seems crazy, but in the current NBA climate, it is easy to be fooled into thinking that midrange jumpers (Middleton’s specialty) are horrible and should never be attempted, and especially should never be attempted in a one-one-one iso postup situation. The Rockets don’t take them, so why should the Bucks?

Here’s the deal: the Rockets would take hella midrange shots if they had Middleton. They wouldn’t have a choice, because his Kobe-esque midrange game is unstoppable and can be a large component of any offense. Need a bucket? Just toss it into him and he’ll get you one, half the time. Pretty good odds!

Ball-movement is overrated. You know what passes lead to? Turnovers. Turnovers are, objectively, the worst thing that can happen on a basketball court, and any play style that minimizes them is to be preferred. I don’t even know if I’m joking. All I know is, Middleton’s jumpers are the wettest and purest of all jumpers in the league save for those of a few elite players. I’m seeing Kevin Durant comps more and more often with him, and I can’t even argue.

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