Kyle Korver 18 Points Full Highlights (4/22/2018)

Kyle Korver only made four field goals in this game. Usually, four shots is not enough to get a highlight video from DTB. If you make four field goals but you have an otherwise highlight-worthy statline, that means you made too many free throws. Free throws suck. They’re not fun to watch, I hate them, and they suck. So why did I make this video?

Because, for some reason, people really like watching Kyle Korver highlight videos. I don’t know if it’s his skin color (it probably is), his handsomeness (I topic on which I have no opinion), or the aesthetic quality of his three-pointers (very aesthetic), but people just like Korver more than the average player. Like, a lot more. I have to throw out my “make a legit amount of FGs” standards for this guy.

However, I have still not forgiven him for stealing about eight of my girlfriends over the years with his attractive face and stylish hair. Thanks to him, I am officially done with women. Forever.

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