J.J. Redick 27 Points Full Highlights (4/24/2018)

I don’t even know who Meek Mill is. I tried looking him on basketball-reference, but nothing came up. That probably means he’s not a basketball player worth caring about, unless he was a beast in college or Europe or something. He seemed happy that the 76ers were winning, so good for him, I’m happy too.

I just had a brainwave induced by the radiation emanating from my souped-up microwave: maybe Meek Mill was the guy who was on Degrassi and got paralyzed? That sounds about right. I don’t know why he’d be at a 76ers game in that case, and he didn’t look that paralyzed to me. That would explain why they were showing him on the broadcast though.

Anyway, yup, the 76ers won this series against the Heat, 4-1. I was a pretty heavy doubter of them coming into the season, luckily all my old descriptions got deleted so no one can see how wrong I was. They gelled way quicker than I anticipated, Ben Simmons was surprisingly amazing, and all their white Euros stepped up at exactly the right time. I’m counting J.J. Redick among them, even though he’s not technically Euro. He PLAYS like a Euro though. A Euro with some cheeseburgers stuffed in his pockets (that was a metaphor for his American attitude, but it wasn’t a very good one).

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