Kelly Olynyk 18 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (4/24/2018)

Do you think, immediately after getting eliminated by the 76ers in five games, that Hassan Whiteside went back to the locker room and started decking people? Here’s the minutes breakdown from the series:

Kelly Olynyk: 29 MPG
Bam Adebayo: 15 MPG
Hassan Whiteside: 15 MPG

Faced with decreasing on-court minutes, Whiteside was no doubt overcome with frustration and anger, and with no reason to avoid suspension or even maintain good relations with his teammates, it wouldn’t surprise me if he started throwing punches. He might not fight Kelly Olynyk because they’re somewhat evenly matched, but I could totally see him cornering Erik Spoelstra and introducing his fist to Erik’s face.

Olynyk had a good series, while Whiteside didn’t look good in the few minutes he played, so I can see why Spoelstra made the decision he did. I’m just saying that maybe some dudes got punched out after this game was over.

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