Khris Middleton 23 Points Full Highlights (4/24/2018)

I don’t know how fans of other teams do it, especially when their teams get to the finals or whatever. Because I can barely watch these first round Bucks games without experiencing nervous tremors and heart palpitations. The stress of playoff basketball is just too much for me. Maybe this is what 17 years of utter playoff futility does to a person. My other hypothesis is that this is, again, the fault of my ludicrously overclocked microwave (it cooks Pop-Tarts in under a second) which generates a ton of health-affecting radiation. You know that sound a Geiger counter makes when exposed to radiation? That’s the sound my can opener makes when I put it next to my microwave.

It’s actually better when the Bucks play like garbage, like they did tonight. Then there’s no pressure, because the loss is all but guaranteed. Even Khris Middleton, who has been Khash Money Deuces this series, was unimpressive until he got some garbage threes right at the end. He went about 45 minutes of game-time between triples, which is not what you want from the only real deep threat on the team. What happened to the three-point-swishing Giannis of game three? He needs to come back, like, right now. There’s no time left at this point. Pull out all the stops.

Bucks in 6 isn’t going to happen, but if the Celtics manage to win in that many games, they’d better not appropriate the phrase for themselves. If they do, the rule is that they have to take Brandon Jennings and sign him to a 5-year, 100 million dollar deal. Not so funny now, is it?

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