Jamal Crawford 20 Points Full Highlights (4/25/2018)

Jimmy Butler sat out the entire fourth quarter of this game due to “knee soreness” (really he was just embarrassed for himself and his puny eight-point contribution to the team’s efforts), so Jamal Crawford basically got an entire quarter to himself to remind the national TV audience what he’s capable of:

-Pullup middy jimbos
-Being old

One could make the argument that the Wolves’ season-long reliance on Crawford to provide bench scoring was one of their downfalls. He can still score, sometimes, but he can’t do anything else and he probably hasn’t been helping his teams for the past few seasons. If you replace him with, say, Will Barton, who is the same player but way better, the Wolves snag the three seed instead of the seventh and they get to go to the second round. That’s just wild speculation on my part, but the speculation is warranted because I have an acute dislike for Crawford and want to paint him in the worst possible light at all times.

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