Jayson Tatum 22 Points Full Highlights (4/26/2018)

Sure, Jayson Tatum didn’t have a great shooting night (6 of 14), but, in my opinion, he has earned the right to take as many shots as he wants. That right does not belong to Marcus Morris (5 of 14) or Terry Rozier (5 of 17), as important as they may have been at certain points of this series. Those guys better be hitting their shots if they go into chuck mode. Tatum doesn’t need to be hitting shots to be allowed to activate chuck mode because, when all is said is done, he’ll be a better player than both those dudes combined.

If the Bucks do in fact lose game seven, the way I want to see it happen is for Tatum to drop forty on us. I can probably deal with that because Tatum is an exciting young player who is likable and easy to root for. I say “probably” because there’s a chance the loss will snap something in my brain and I’ll delete my YouTube channel and assume the life of a reclusive hermit. The chance of that happening is significantly higher if somebody like Rozier or Morris or Smart is the one that goes off. That’s a situation I absolutely would not be able to deal with in a sane or rational manner.

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