Donovan Mitchell 38 Points Full Highlights (4/27/2018)

The Jazz winning their series with the Thunder seems like some kind of grand cosmic demonstration of the power of teamwork triumphing over the forces of iso-ball. It is very easy for us dumb humans to assign a larger moral meaning to things like these. However, I think the truth of it is simpler: this series was a triumph of high-efficiency players like Donovan Mitchell and Joe Ingles over low-efficiency players like RubsSack WorstBitch and CarmISO Anthobrick. If WorstBitch and Anthobrick (especially Anthobrick) had been able to match career-average levels of scoring efficiency in this series, it could have very easily swung the other way, and we’d be talking about how star power “unfortunately” trumps teamwork ten out of ten times.

Mitchell is currently averaging 28 points per game in the ‘offs, and his time as a featured player on my channel is coming to an end. I would drop him right this very second, but my options for vids during the ‘offs are already limited, and I don’t want to sit around and NOT make videos when there are videos that I could theoretically make. Unless the player in question is Jeff Teague.

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