Khris Middleton 32 Points Full Highlights (4/28/2018)

As I cling to the last tenuous shreds of my sanity, I want to take my final lucid moments to thank Khris Middleton for being a total beast this whole season. Also, props to Giannis for elevating the Bucks into the national eye. You guys rock. Everyone else can suck my rod.

Some other notes on the Bucks’ season before the last rational part of my brain disintegrates into neuronal sludge:

-Thon Maker still really sucks, he fooled people with that one good-ish playoff game, but he just sucks so bad.
-I was yearning desperately for Marshall Plumlee at points late in the season. How sad is that? I am a defeated, broken man. Marshall sucks, but at least he plays like he wants to grab rebounds.
-Eric Bledsoe is such a dumb-butt for dissing Terry Rozier, and the Bucks paid the ultimate price in the form of playoff elimination. I wish there was a way they could trade him for Thon Maker in such a manner that they both disappeared from the team.
-Official pick-and-roll count on the season: 7.
-D.J. “Deej” Wilson sucked even in the G-League (seriously go look at his plus-minus stats it’s SO BAD) but I think he can have a role going forward. DISCLAIMER: I thought, and still do think, the same about Rashad Vaughn.
-These sentences are getting harder to type, I definitely feel my grip on the cliff-face of sanity loosening.
-Is this the end of the “Jabari Era” of Bucks basketball? How many years qualifies as an era anyway? Hopefully four makes the cut.
-Coaching killed the Bucks the whole season, normally I don’t think coaching makes a huge difference, but it does when they purposefully install an archaic no-ball-movement garbage system.
-Jason Terry can play as long as he wants, I don’t care at this point.
-Goodbye Bradley Center. I think the Bucks made it to the conference finals one time during its existence. Hopefully the banner gets buried under the rubble.
-Is it too late to trade Thon Maker? I don’t think so. Someone, anyone, please. Please.
-I close my eyes and relish the feeling of the last remnants of my thinking mind departing into the sea of black infinitude.
-Bucks in six.

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