Terry Rozier 26 Points/9 Assists Full Highlights (4/28/2018)

Terry Rozier didn’t start this game off very well, and I foolishly thought to myself “maybe Scary Terry isn’t going to kick our ass tonight”. It took him a while to get going, but in the end, he did, indeed, kick the Bucks’ ass. 26 points, 12 in the fourth, 9 assists.

God dammit Bledsoe. What compelled you to say those beef-inducing words? He was kicking your ass, then you go taunt him, for what purpose? So he can kick your ass even harder? Because that’s what happened.

The process of making a four-minute highlight vid of Rozier’s exciting exploits was about the last thing that I needed right now. It was bad enough watching it live. In this condensed version, it’s all I can do to keep from puking every time he makes a shot. It’s not like I dislike him or anything. I just wanted the Bucks to win a series for the first time since I’ve been a fan, is that so much to ask?

In the end, whoever won this series merely earned the right to get swept by the 76ers, so it doesn’t truly matter, but congrats to the Celtics. Who needs “stars”? And no, Horford doesn’t really count.

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