Tristan Thompson 15 Points Full Highlights (4/29/2018)

I am certainly not the NBA fan out there who has no idea what is going on with Tristan Thompson and whichever Kardashian he is married(???) to. I don’t have enough spare axons to pay attention to celebrity relationships, since so many of them are devoted to holding precious info about NBA scrubs. Scrubs like Tristan Thompson, who has really sucked lately, sucked so bad that he couldn’t even get into a couple of the games in this now-completed series.

So what better way to win a game seven than to put your DNP-earning scrubby TMZ overpaid cheating Kardashian into the starting lineup? It was a bold move by Lue, and it paid off. Somehow. He can’t have known this was going to happen, could he? I think he just got lucky with this rotation decision, but as they say, it’s better to be lucky than good.

Thompson did what he does in this game: grab rebounds, and finish easy stuff at the rim created by LeBron. That’s more than Kevin Love seems to be capable of doing lately, and it’s definitely way more than Kendrick Perkins (LMAO) can do. Granted, Thompson hasn’t been doing that either, but he did it tonight, and that’s all that counts. For now.

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