Jayson Tatum Career High 28 Points Full Highlights (4/30/2018)

Before you get all excited because this video shows Jayson Tatum scoring a career-high in points while beating the 76ers in a playoff game, note that he made a ton of three throws to get there. 11 of 12, to be exact, which really drags down the quality of this performance. Yeah, I know, points are points, and the best players can punish their opponent on the stripe, but does anyone really like watching James Harden highlights? There’s a reason he’s not on my channel, people.

There are enough primo Tatum moments in this video to make it worthwhile, but it’s not the defining performance of his career to date. Even if it is one of his best performances against reasonable opposition in a setting where the outcome of the game really counted. I’m just really annoyed by the free-throws, okay? I’m trying to get pumped for this and I’m finding it hard. Especially since Terry Rozier had more points with none of those lame unguarded 15-foot set shots that referees randomly hand out to players.

It should be noted that while Tatum, the third overall pick, is leading his team to big wins, Markelle Fultz, the first pick, is sitting on the bench looking sad. Before the season started, this would’ve been a big time matchup, and maybe it is if you just look at the teams, but it would be cooler if two high picks from the same class could battle in the ‘offs. Ben Simmons, obviously, doesn’t count.

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