Jrue Holiday 25 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (5/1/2018)

What needs to happen in this series is that Jrue Holiday needs to lock down Stephen Curry just like he locked down Damian Lillard in the first round. It has been alleged by myself and others that DTB doesn’t care about defense, and that is still true, however, that doesn’t mean that DTB is unable to acknowledge when defense should be played. I am going right out there and saying it loud and clear: Jrue Holiday needs to play lots of defense on Curry. He needs to give him the D. The hard D. For the whole game, in front of all the cameras, he needs to give Curry the D.

But Holiday can’t allow his defense to hamper his offense. As shown in the first round, the Pelicans need scoring from Holiday just as much as they need his defense. If there ever comes a point where he is defended by Stephen Curry, he needs to execute so many crossovers that Curry falls down in a pile of shattered ankle fragments. This achieves two things: it takes Curry out of the series again, and it scores two points. Nobody has a good game on offense unless they score at least two points, so this is a good start for Holiday.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I have officially sent a resume and cover letter to the Milwaukee Bucks organization to apply for their vacant head coach position. Expect that Wajnaroosky guy to tweet about my front-runner status soon.

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