Kyle Korver 19 Points Full Highlights (5/1/2018)

Part II of “LeBron’s Teammates Actually Show Up For Once God-Damn” features Kyle Korver and his 19 points,which should be 21 but even he is a victim of the NBA court being not quite wide enough to comfortably accommodate corner threes.

Korver played a ton of minutes tonight, 37, second most after LeBron, and he also took the second most shots, so maybe 19 points isn’t quite enough. Those two stats make it seem like he was second option on offense tonight, and maybe he was? I definitely noticed him taking a lot of shots, and there were a bunch that he probably should’ve made.

The Raptors have to be disappointed with their defense. If you’re letting Korver, who can’t do much by himself, get open enough to shoot it 17 times, that’s a big red flag. On many other nights, he would’ve scored 25 with the same looks, easily. People will talk about how the Raptors got unlucky with their shots not falling, but maybe they got equally lucky when it came to Korver.

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