Clint Capela 21 Points/7 Dunks Full Highlights (5/2/2018)

I can’t remember if I’ve ever expressed an opinion on Clint Capela’s post game or his attempts to develop one. So I apologize in advance if the opinion I express here runs counter to opinions I have expressed in the past.

Clint Capela should just not try any more post moves in the playoffs. Those are fine in the regular season when games don’t mean as much, but in the playoffs, he can’t be wasting possessions by throwing up those garbage hook shots. He just has no touch as far as I’ve seen. He’s like Andre Drummond in that regard. By virtue of the laws of probability, some of Capela’s garbage attempts will go in, but with Harden and CP3 on your team, that’s never the right shot. Ever. Especially when Rudy Gobert is defending you.

The reason Capela is so much better than Dwight was in Houston is because he knows his role in the offense. At least, I think he knows his role. Maybe he secretly wants more touches because he thinks he’s better than he is. Maybe his exit interview will be like “I think coach should run more plays for me, I think I’ve earned it, it’s honestly disrespectful to me,” and we’ll have a Dwight 2.0 situation minus the baby mamas.

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