Jayson Tatum 21 Points Full Highlights (5/3/2018)

Jayson Tatum did not shoot above fifty percent from the field in any of the Celtics’ seven first-round games against the Bucks. However, he has now shot exactly 50% in the Celtics’ two games against the Sixers, AND he scored over twenty in both of them, AND the Celtics won both those games, so if anybody out there was secretly thinking “maybe Jayson Tatum is overrated bum trash sauce”, they can stop thinking it because he is not overrated, he is not bum, and he is definitely not trash sauce. For reference, “trash sauce” is the grease/soda/condiment mixture that collects at the bottom of fast-food trash receptacles. In my most desperate times, trash sauce was a main fixture of my diet, and it’s gross.

Just in case you were wondering, it was not me who was secretly thinking those things while my own team got manhandled by this stud 19-year-old rookie. I would never think things like that. I always see the best in every player as long as their name doesn’t start with “M” and end with “arcus Smart”.

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