Robert Covington 22 Points Full Highlights (5/3/2018)

I’ve talked about this before, so forgive me for talking about again, but I think it bears repeating: Robert Covington, who is just a guy, was 7th in the league in ESPN’s “Real Plus-Minus” stat. I’m utterly incompetent when it comes to anything involving numbers, but I’m pretty sure RPM is a somewhat legit stat. At least, good players have higher numbers and worse players have lower numbers.

And Covington, who, as I said, is just some dude who’s okay at being an NBA player, is one of the top players in the league according to it. Apparently he’s a super impactful perimeter defender? I mean, he has that reputation, but I guess it’s true. And not only that, but unlike a lot of elite defenders, he can sometimes put the ball in the bucket. A true 3-and-D player.

Looking at all these fancy numbers and stuff got me all jealous that I don’t have my own advanced stat, so I just came up with one for you all. Right here, on the spot. Behold: DTB’s “CLA” stat. CLA stands for “Chicken Leg Average”, which is a measure of how chickeny a player’s legs are. And, guess what, Covington is 1st in the league with a CLA of 1.000. Maximum chicken legginess. For reference, the lowest CLA in the league belongs to Noah Vonleh.

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