Alec Burks 22 Points Full Highlights (5/8/2018)

Alec Burks, with these gutsy 22 points in a valiant, if losing, effort, has given the Jazz FO a whole offseason to think about how vital he is to the franchise. If they were thinking about trading him, maybe they’ll keep thinking about it but try and get more for him. If they weren’t thinking about trading him, they’ll think about how they can maybe make some space for more minutes for him.

The final game of a season is always the best time to show out. Recency bias is a real thing that really effects NBA GMs. Alec Peters (2nd best Alec in the NBA don’t @ me) already found this out: after scoring 36 in the Suns’ finale, I’ve heard through the grapevine that he’s receiving contract offers in the mid-eight figures. Like 50 million of guaranteed money. So I’ve heard. My sources are pretty good, in case you’re thinking of doubting me.

However the offseason turns out for Burks, I hope it ends up with him getting the touches and opportunities that he deserves. Here’s the deal: he’s a beast. When he wants to score, he scores. He’s like a SG version of Jabari Parker, for some reason watching this game that’s the comp that kept coming to me. Even the wonky jumper is the same.

They should team up. On the Atlanta Hawks. Burks and Parker, taking turns chucking the ball into the rim. I’m not seeing any downside to this, other than that the Bucks and Jazz will have to watch their castoffs each average 25 points per game.

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