P.J. Tucker 19 Points Full Highlights (5/8/2018)

P.J. Tucker scored 20 points in his debut with the Rockets, way back in the arcane era of time known as “October”. My video commemorating the performance has since been deleted, but my claim made in the description that even Ivan Chiriaev could score 10 points per game in Mike D’Antoni’s offensive system remains true.

I hope Rockets fans didn’t get their hopes up too much after that 20-burger. I knew it wasn’t going to happen again, because this is Tucker we’re talking about, but people who didn’t pay attention to his time on the Suns may not have realized how limited he is when it comes to putting balls in holes.

These 19 points are his second-highest total of the season. He was widest-open on most of these shots, but is that his fault? It is, in a way, since if he was actually good people would guard him, but he took what was offered to him in this game and it won the Rockets the series. P.J. Tucker WON this SERIES for the Rockets. Chris Paul may have helped, but if Tucker scores his usual 0, where are they? Heading back to Utah for game 6.

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