Jaylen Brown 24 Points Full Highlights (5/9/2018)

Jaylen Brown didn’t dump on the 76ers nearly as hard as he did the Bucks (I still remember those thirty-point games, in fact, they’re all I see when I close my eyes to go to sleep at night), but he got the job done in this one after only attempting six shots in the previous game, which the Celtics lost. Six shots? For Jaylen Brown? Everybody talks about how good of a coach that Brad Stevens guy is, but good coaches ensure that their young stud shooting guard takes more shots than Marcus Morris, who took 15 in that game. A good coach would sit Brown down during a timeout and say “if Morris looks like he wants to iso, run over and snatch the ball out of his hands so he can’t.”

Now Brown and the rest of the Celtics will be tested against Jabroni Lames and the rest of his teammates who never seem to want to do anything. DTB’S OFFICIAL PREDICTION: The Cavs will win in six games. Or the Celtics will win in seven games. I could see either team taking it in five, honestly. In any case, somebody’s gonna win this series. That’s my official hot take. DTB’S OFFICIAL PREDICTION PART II: Jaylen Brown will average 22 PPG in the series on 50/40/75 shooting splits, and he will get dunked on by LeBum approximately one time.

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