Jaylen Brown 23 Points Full Highlights (5/13/2018)

I might as well change my channel name to LostInBoston because it’s gonna be pretty much nothing but Celtics highlights from here on out. They’re the only remaining team whose role-players are actually a threat to sometimes score 20 points. Maybe also a few bozos on the Rockets, but in Boston, they’ve got all their young talent firing on all cylinders. Al Horford is off limits, but other than that… damn.

I would like to apologize for secretly thinking that Jaylen Brown wasn’t even going to be that good. I was super-duper wrong on that one. I’ve made this apology before, I’m pretty sure, but I just wanted to reiterate. Brandon Ingram still sucks, though. Chances are you agree with me on that one, right? Lakers fans are probably not watching this video or thinking about anything NBA-related except how they can get LeBron and Kawhi on their team for next year.

Brown didn’t need to do much tonight after his 18 first-half points helped his team but the Cavaliers away early. Not like you needed reminding, but this is the team that swept the Raptors, getting booty-blasted by a team that literally is all role-players. Each decisive win by these guys makes me feel better that the Bucks didn’t get totally annihilated. Is this vindication that I’m feeling?

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