Marcus Morris 21 Points Full Highlights (5/13/2018)

Not included in this highlight video: Marcus Morris totally LOCKING DOWN Jabroni Lames after claiming he was going to do so the whole week prior. I’m gonna be honest, because honesty is my second middle name, the first being “Baller”, I didn’t think LeBron could be stopped. Not in these playoffs. Don’t get me wrong, it was a team effort to contain him, but it’s not like Brad Stevens could go out there and actually play the defense.

Shutting down LeBron would be enough to make this performance a good one, but Morris went and added 21 points along with it, enough that I’m going to call him the MVP of this game. MVP of game 1 of the ECF Conference Finals. Not the most prestigious award ever, no one ever notes that LeBron has about 50 of them, but it’s still cool.

It would be cooler still if he was locking down his brother Markieff, or his other brother Monte (just kidding I don’t think they’re related [but they might be]). I always thought that Marcus was the better twin, and him proving it by sweeping his bro and averaging 30 would make for a compelling storyline.

Which is what the NBA is all about. Storylines. Forget about the basketball.

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