Trevor Ariza 19 Points/6 Assists/3 Dunks Full Highlights (5/16/2018)

Trevor Ariza walked into the shower area of the locker room, ready to release some stress under a nice hot shower, but when he noticed the large amount of displaced floor tiles, he stopped in his tracks. “Uh, James, what’s going on here?”

James Harden, wearing a hard hat, looked up from his project. “We’re digging a tunnel so we can get to the Warriors locker room and beat up Draymond.”

Examining the hole in the floor closer, Ariza noted with surprise that, after removing the floor tile and breaking through a two-inch-thick concrete foundation, the area underneath the locker room was pure dirt. Tarik Black and Ryan Anderson were standing waist-deep in a hole of their own creation, steadily removing dirt with a shovel as James supervised.

“Ever since that time we crashed the Clippers’ locker room and kicked Austin’s ass, the arena guys made extra sure that there’s no way to get in between locker rooms,” James continued. “But we’re gonna change that. You got your, uh…” he dropped his voice to reduce the chance of being overheard. “Your Gilbert Arenas?”

“Gilbert Arenas” was the nickname that Trevor used for the handgun he usually kept in his locker. “Yeah, it’s there, but you don’t really need to do all this. It’s not going to work.”

James rolled his eyes theatrically. “For your information, Trevor, I’ve got a copy of the arena blueprints in my locker, and they clearly show that there’s no level lower than the ground floor. It’s straight dirt from here to those assholes in the Warriors’ locker room.”

“It’s like you don’t even want to get the ultimate form of vengeance against Draymond,” Tarik added from inside the hole.

“By the time you finish the hole, there’s gonna be nobody there except the janitor,” Trevor rebutted.

James looked a little surprised by this comment, but shrugged his shoulders in response. “Yeah, well, we know the series is coming back to our house eventually. We’ll just use the hole after game five. They won’t be expecting it at all. And then we can make sure that they never mess with us again.”

“Whatever,” Trevor said, walking to the nearest shower in hopes of fulfilling the original reason he even came into the shower area in the first place. However, when he turned the knob, nothing happened.

“Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, one of these dumbasses down here severed the water main, so I had to shut off water to the whole locker room,” James said. “Some people just can’t be trusted with a shovel. But it will all be worth it when we all unexpectedly enter the Warriors’ locker room with weapons and make Draymond fear for his life.”

“Sure,” Trevor replied. “I’m gonna go home now.”

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