Jaylen Brown 25 Points Full Highlights (5/21/2018)

Jaylen Brown is growing up before our very eyes. No, really, I swear he’s looking noticeably older every subsequent game. He looked like a kid with a beard at the start of the season. Now, he looks like some random 32 y/o vet who is too good for the G-League but not quite good enough for the NBA. Look at the thumbnail and recognize that I tell the truth. Guarding LeBron is hastening the process. The only thing that betrays his true age is his still-perfect hairline.

Once again, Brown shouldered a disproportionate chunk of the offensive load tonight for the Celtics. I don’t want to have to call out Al Horford again, but he’s given me no choice: take more shots ya schmuck. You’re the All-Star here. Brown is just some young guy who isn’t scared of the moment like you seem to be, tell him to give you the ball and get the heck out of your way.

There was a little stat-padding going on at the end here, elevating what would be a ho-hum 21 points into a really sweet 25. I’ve been making vids for a long time now, and 25 points definitely seems to be a cutoff point between “ho-hum” and “really sweet”. For a player like Brown, at least. For someone like Tobias Harris, the number drops to 24, and I don’t even know why.

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