Rodney Hood 15 Points Full Highlights (6/6/2018)

I know you’re not going to believe that the infallible DTB is capable of holding misinformed or wrong opinions, but you’d better start believe it now because that was exactly what happened when I alleged, as recently as February 2018, that Rodney Hood is roughly as good as Donovan Mitchell. That was before Rodney Hood got traded to the Cavaliers and instantaneously turned into a solid brick of compacted booty flakes, so it wasn’t the most egregiously dumb thing ever uttered on the internet, but it was still, in retrospect, somewhat dumb.

So now I can expand the list of things I was ever wrong about to four:

1. John Wall was a bust
2. Anthony Bennett would average 9 PPG on the Nets
3. Rodney Hood was pretty much as good as Donovan Mitchell
4. Jennifer could overlook my considerable personality flaws and love me for the man I am
BONUS FIFTH THING: I could operate my YouTube channel indefinitely without getting deleted

I have no idea why Hood hasn’t been playing more in this series. Some people speculate that he is SHOOK by the pressure of the finals, some people speculate that he really is garbage and the success he did have in Utah was a mirage, some people speculate that he was in the doghouse for refusing to come into a game because he was butthurt about minutes, and some people speculate that Ty Lue is simply a moron (that’s what I speculate). But, as JVG pointed out, there is a talented offensive player somewhere in there (don’t forget, he shot a career-best 44% from the field during his stint with the Cavs), and when given a chance, he can help a team win. And the Cavs sort of need a win urgently right now.

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