Jeff Teague 27 Points Full Highlights (10/17/2018)

I’m just going to go ahead and guess that Jeff Teague’s 27-point performance against the Spurs has not yet been uploaded by any other highlight channel. In an age of NBA highlights where vids are available as soon as the game is over from multiple sources, no one gives a whit about Jeff Teague. Hold on. I’m going to check if I’m right.

I’m right.

I have a well-known disdain for Teague, and that disdain is echoed in the hearts of the entire NBA fandom. No one likes him. Timberwolves fans don’t even like him, because he’s not Rubio. But I, sadly, cannot ignore 27 points, even if it had 9 lame free throws. Teague was, maybe, the best player for the Wolves, if you ignore the guy who basically has quit on his team and wants nothing more than to be traded to the Heat.

Does Butler know that LeBron isn’t there anymore?

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