Jamal Murray 26 Points Full Highlights (10/20/2018)

I would never have made this highlight video if I had known that almost a fifth of Jamal Murray’s points came off of technical free throws. Those are, indubitably (heh heh), the lamest type of points in all of basketball. Their runtime is short, but their impact on a highlight video is large. Too many, and people start to tune out.

Murray has now played almost 60 minutes without drawing an actual legitimate free throw, for those interested in odd cherry-picked stats. That’s kind of interesting, yeah? At least a little bit?

I was mulling a free-throw-ilation for Murray last season, because he was an elite free throw shooter and he has a nice form on them. The only reason I didn’t do it was because I ran out of time. But I am no longer considering such a thing for this year. Not if the first five clips are going to be him standing by himself while shooting instead of surrounded by rebounders. People would see that and just close the video. And I wouldn’t blame them.

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