De’Aaron Fox 22 Points/10 Assists Full Highlights (10/21/2018)

Is it time to blow up the Oklahoma City Thunder? Sorry, that phrasing is a bit insensitive considering past events that happened in that city. Let’s try again. Would the Thunder be better off if they traded their best players for picks and young players?

I’m only asking because they just lost to the Kings. That’s not a good omen, because before the season started, the general wisdom was that Thunder = Good and Kings = Bad. That wisdom has now been challenged and ultimately dismantled. De’Aaron Fox, at least for tonight, is better than Russell Westbrook when it comes to playing winning basketball.

It’s not about getting the most statisticals. It’s about winning ball games, and I didn’t think the Kings were going to do that very much this season, but they’ve won 1 out of their last 1. Fox and Iman Shumpert, an unlikely tandem, combined for nearly 50. The Kings defense is still suspect, but if they can keep scoring 130 (not so unreasonable considering the pace they’re likely going to play at), maybe they can challenge for the 10th seed.

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