DeAndre’ Bembry 13 Points Full Highlights (10/21/2018)

I definitely wasn’t going to make this video until I, on a whim, checked out DeAndre’ Bembry’s basketball-reference page and saw that his career-high is thirteen points. Once I saw that little stat, my decision was made for me. Maybe not the decision I would have made if I had been left to my own devices, but that’s why basketball-reference exists in the first place. So I don’t have to think so hard about everything all the time.

If you couldn’t tell from his piddling career-high, Bembry is one of those players who just doesn’t have much scoring ability. His jumpshot the past two seasons has been kind of disastrous, although maybe…MAYBE…it looks a little better this year. Either that or my judgment is clouded by the fact that he hit a bunch of three-pointers. So, if Bembry isn’t really a scorer, what does he do well? The stats don’t paint him as a passer, rebounder, or defender either. Maybe his skill is secretly sabotaging every lineup he’s part of in support of the tanking agenda.

Also, I apologize for this video not being a minute long. If he had just made his damn clear-path free throws, I think I could have made it, but this dude had to go and miss them both.

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