Gary Harris 28 Points Full Highlights (10/21/2018)

Who is this third dude that the Nuggets added to the commentary crew? I don’t know if I like him or not, I haven’t had enough time to judge, but don’t the suits in charge realize that three-person boxes never ever work? Ever? I swear Chris Marlowe sounds half-angry every time he’s finally allowed to say something. That’s the problem: the order in which people speak gets all messed up. With two people, the roles are clear. With three, it becomes a mess.

This is seriously affecting my enjoyment of the Nuggets right now. While watching the game itself it’s fine, because I always turn off the commentary and provide my own (Japurri Purrker my little kitty is such a good listener) along with some music of my choosing. But while editing videos, I have no choice to listen to their inanity so I can figure out when to cut the audio. And it just makes me not want to make as many highlights of them. You ever notice the relative lack of Rockets highlights on my channel? It’s not just because of James Harden.

Speaking of Harden: Gary Harris. Comparable players? Yes.

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