Hamidou Diallo 11 Points/2 Dunks Full Highlights (10/21/2018)

For a long time I just assumed this guy was related to Cheick Diallo. I was right when I assumed that the Onuaku bros were related, but I was wrong about this. Happily, everything is cleared up now and I have no reason to mention Cheick in a description about Hamidou ever again.

Diallo is getting unexpected (for me) minutes to start the season for the Thunder. As of this writing, only Jalen Brunson and Rodions Kurucs have received more minutes among this year’s second-round picks. Thunder fans will know if he’s getting minutes because he’s actually pretty decent or if injuries and such have left a hard-to-fill gap in the rotation that must be filled by an overwhelmed second-rounder. I, however, have no idea what the sitch is in OKC so I will refrain from speculating and just say that he had some nice plays tonight.

His main contribution was helping Westbrook on his way to a triple-double by being a sponge for some assists, but since Westbrook didn’t actually get the triple-double it doesn’t mean as much. Maybe if he was better Russ would’ve gotten it? Hmmm? He’s got some stuff to work on, definitely.

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