Kent Bazemore 23 Points Full Highlights (10/21/2018)

Kent Bazemore is the last remnant of that Hawks team that won 60 games half a decade ago. How time flies! It seems like just yesterday their whole starting lineup was in the All-Star game, even Kyle Korver who wasn’t that good really. Bazemore didn’t play a very big role back then, and the end trend seems to be that the more he plays, the worse the Hawks are. Not fair to him, obviously, but those are the facts.

Now the Hawks are really bad. Many people have picked them to be the worst team this year, but even the worst teams can sometimes look great if they shoot enough threes. I was expecting a week or more before the Hawks finally won a game, but behind Trae Young’s 35 and Bazemore’s 23, they easily beat the Cavaliers.

Notice that Bazemore only scored 12 fewer points than Young. That means I expect only 12 fewer video views on this vid than that one.

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