Damian Jones 13 Points Full Highlights (10/22/2018)

Damian Jones seems to be nicely filling the role of the recently departed JaVale McGee for the Warriors. That role being “catch a few lobs at the beginning of the game and then don’t do anything else”. The Warriors are apparently only starting a true center to be respectful of tradition. They don’t need one most of the time.

Jones has been being groomed for this position for two years, two years of a few scattered NBA moments and a whole bunch of G-League action. He still doesn’t have much of a game besides using his athleticism to dunk basketballs, but that’s not really important. If he became, magically, an amazing post player, would Steve Kerr even want to give him the ball? Probably not.

This is a new career-high for him, but I didn’t put that in the title of the video because he’ll probably score 20 on 10 for 10 shooting, all dunks, before too long. Don’t want to clutter YouTube with extraneous career highs until he puts up some numbers that might stick around for a while.

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