Josh Hart 20 Points Full Highlights (10/22/2018)

The Lakers young talent is currently getting ruined by the ball-dominance of one Jabroni Lames and one Badjon Brawndo (at least until he spat on a guy and then punched him), but Josh Hart has resisted the attempts of those players to ruin him. He’s averaging 17 a game after this, which is more, not less, than he averaged last year.

Still, though, the Lakers were a lot more fun last year when wins didn’t matter and all the young dudes could go out there and do their thing without any “superstar” hogging possessions and bricking game-winning free throws. Also, at the same point in the season, that Lakers team was 1-2. Subtraction by addition, as they say.

Like, should I be making a Lonzo Ball video for his 14 and 6? That would be inconceivable last season, but now it feels like there’s a good chance that he never scores more than that. Man, this sucks. Couldn’t LeBron have gone to a team like the, I don’t know, Heat or something that don’t have a surplus of young talent to ruin?

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