Lance Stephenson 23 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (10/24/2018)

Here’s my hot take: when Lance Stephenson goes into “dance mode”, that’s not a good thing. Obviously, while watching this video, it seems like a good thing because the video only contains successful plays; the shot goes in, the crowd goes nuts, and Stephenson’s internal hype level raises slightly. But on a team with a surfeit of capable playmakers, having the ball stick in Stephenson’s hands so he can do his dribble moves is counterproductive. Plus, when Stephenson’s teammates see him enter into his dance routine, they stop moving off-ball so they can watch.

This guy is a perfectly good player when he’s attacking off the dribble in a normal way. He can finish or he can find teammates. When he’s jacking up jumpers after shimmying and shaking for five seconds (colloquially known as “makin’ ’em dance”), I’m not so sure.

Here’s my second hot take: when I take a freshly-microwaved ham-n-cheese Hot Pocket out of the microwave. Get it? Because it’s “HOT” and I’m “TAKING” it out of the microwave? It’s a HOT TAKE! If I could get paid for my hot takes I would probably be retired in Aruba right now, because my microwave (which is overclocked and emits more radiation than a rod of nuclear fuel) is probably the most-abused out of all my household appliances.

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