Monte Morris 20 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (10/25/2018)


1. Monte Morris. Here’s a guy that barely played in his rookie season (he appeared in a grand total of three games) – now he’s getting 20 MPG as the primary backup PG for the Nuggets. How can you not like that? Twenty points and seven assists is a legit statline and must be up there among the best backup PG statlines so far in this young NBA season. When Isaiah Thomas comes back from injury, he better not steal any minutes from my man Monte. Oh yeah, one more thing, I like Monte because his name isn’t spelled “Monta”.

2. Darius Morris. He doesn’t really count because he got waived by the Pelicans before the season started, but I always thought he was decent. Advanced stats do not think he was decent. It’s always cool for a player to be out of the league for a few years and then make a comeback; Darius almost accomplished this. He got the first part down, anyway.

3. Jaylen Morris. Even though he plays for the Bucks, I do not know who this.


9001. Marcus Morris. His game doesn’t excite me and he beat up that guy.

9002. Markieff Morris. His game REALLY doesn’t excite me and he beat up that guy.

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