Georges Niang 13 Points Full Highlights (10/28/2018)

I’m very impressed with Georges Niang’s ability to stay in the league. Normally dudes who barely play in their first year don’t get to come back. And normally dudes who barely played in their first year but then somehow came back only to barely play in their second year REALLY don’t get to come back. But here he is, in his third year, and now he’s getting minutes! Real minutes in real games that are really in doubt and not just in garbage time.

If I ever knew anything about his game, like right after he was drafted, that knowledge is long gone. He’s a blank slate for me. If you said he was a hyper-athletic James White-esque dunk machine, I’d believe you. If you said he was Hakeem but with an Asian/African-sounding last name and more of a face-up game, I’d believe you. And so on and so forth. He can do anything on the court and I’ll be like “yeah, that’s something he can do”.

In this case, what he did was hit some threes, hit a floater, and can some free throws. So, he can hit threes. That’s definitely a skill that a modern NBA player should have. But I’m not sure I’m impressed when the commentator said he hit 12 or 15 in a row during warmups. Can’t everyone in the NBA do that? Even I can do that sometimes if I just get to stand in the same place and someone’s passing me the ball (shoutout to Japurri for being a great rebounder for me).

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